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ASA trained cash detection dog finds 39,000 undeclared euros in one day

Maltese Customs reported this week that One of their detection dogs 'Charlie' trained by ASA indicated on a total of nearly 39,000 euros of undeclared cash discovered in three separate cases in one day. Below is the report,

Two foreign nationals travelling to Istanbul from Malta were found to be carrying nearly 26,000 euros of undeclared cash as they were boarding their flight, and another Maltese passenger was found to be carrying nearly 13,000euros as he was embarking the ferry to Sicily.

Customs Officials from the Anti-Money Laundering Team stopped two passengers at the Departures lounge for checks at MIA following a positive indication by Charlie, the Customs Sniffer Dog. The passengers that were boarding their flight to Istanbul, were instead escorted to the Customs Office where subsequent searches resulted in the elevation of 11,015 euros from one passenger and 14,630 euros from the other. The cash in excess of 10,000 (per passenger) was seized and the rest was returned to the passengers.

Earlier in the morning at the Seaport, Charlie, the same sniffer dog, gave a positive indication also on a vehicle departing to Sicily. Upon searching said vehicle 12,760euros were elevated. The excess cash was seized as well.

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