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ever wondered if your dog could track?


If your dog has a nose, he can track. You’ve seen him do so on walks with his nose to the ground or lifted high in the air. Tracking demonstrates the dog’s natural ability to follow the scent of one or more persons; 'the tracklayer' over various kinds of terrain increasing in difficulty to a longer, well-aged track, more turns  and multiple scent articles.

No matter what age or breed teaching your dog to track is the perfect to way to spend time together, build your relationship, and challenge both of you mentally and physically. You can teach very young puppies to track even before they can start formal obedience training, and these positive methods work with adult dogs, too.


asa k9 tracking experience

why not come along and try it?


Set in various locations throughout Norfolk our classes are designed to be both enjoyable and informative carried out at a pace that allows both yourself & dog to absorb the lesson in a relaxed manner. Each class is structured to the individual ability of the dog and during each session in addition to practical instruction you will be taught the theory of tracking. Should you wish during your lesson we can also place a small dog-cam on your dogs  back so you can see it all from your dogs point of view!

Your Tracking Instructor Daryll Pleasants served for 12 years in the military as a K9 Trainer and has been instructing operational tracker teams in Africa, South America, the U.S and India since 2012 . He holds both U.K and U.S Master trainer status, the only person to have this.


Why you and your dog should Try Tracking?
-Tracking is fun for both you and your dog using positive methods.
- A dog can be taught to track at any age—15 week-old puppies up to adult.
- It improves fitness for both dog and owner
- It is mentally stimulating for both of you.
-You’ll gain a new-found respect for just how intelligent your dog is.


We are currently running one to one and group tracking classes  (Max 5 students - 1 instructor)

The course provides all necessary handler equipment if needed but please be prepared for inclement weather conditions and bring waterproof clothing.  Course ratio 5 students - 1 instructor.


One to one individual tracking tuition £30 per hour

Group sessions £20 for two hours ( we would recommend a couple of individual sessions prior to moving to a group session to give your dog a firm understanding )

Tel : 07401 633636

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