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The largest protected area in Mozambique and one of the largest in Africa, Niassa National Reserve covers an immense tract of wilderness roughly twice the size of Wales. it harbours 40% of Mozambique's elephant population, and is one of the five most important areas for Lion and Wild dog in the entire continent. At the heart of Niassalies lies Chuilexi Conservancy a reserve within a reserve established by Fauna & Flora International. 


Chuilexi has a 50 strong scout force which is helping to boost anti-poaching efforts with the conservancy.  However with poaching on the increase it was decided to include two anti-poaching dogs 'Leo & Knox' within this deterrent. After a year of training Animals saving Animals  recently completed the implementation and operational deployment of both dogs and is proud to announce in July 2017 the section became operational. The Dog section was funded by Fauna & Flora Int. Regular updates will be given as their frontlineK9 career progresses.











Niassa Elephant Defenders
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