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The Laikipia Nature Conservancy is managed by the Gallmann Memorial Foundation known as Ol ari Nyiro in West Laikipia, Northern Kenya. It was created by Kuki Gallmann to honour the memory of Paolo Gallmann and Emanuele Pirri-Gallmann -her husband and son- who both died tragically in Africa, and are buried in Ol ari Nyiro. The 365-sq-km nature Conservancy is on the edge of the Great Rift Valley and provides an important sanctuary for wildlife and is a favoured breeding ground for elephants, which migrate from other areas to give birth there. 

ASA was approached by the Gallmann foundation in 2021 and asked if we could assist with the supply and integration of  a tracker dog to enhance their current security strategies. We are pleased to announce with the help of the Big Cat Sanctuary in April 2022 we were able to donate a seven month old Bloodhound named 'Raymond'  to the conservancy. Following his arrival ASA Chief trainer Daryll Pleasants flew out to conduct tracker handler training which lasted ten days and then periodically made further training visits. In October 2022 Raymond was deployed as a certified tracker dog and is now serving the conservancy in his new role as a wildlife protector.

After the success of Raymond ASA with further help from the BCS was delighted to assist the Conservancy once again with the donation of a second dog, a Dutch herder called 'Cage'. His role was different to that of Raymond as it was to be triple role; meaning he was trained to track, search and if necessary execute an apprehension. He has just commenced stage 2 training and will shortly join Raymond a a certified Anti-poaching dog.


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