Currently in use with operational dog sections in Europe and India Animals Saving Animals has developed a dog handlers canine field first aid kit. It is designed to stabilise major injuries when immediate medical attention is not available or when there may be a delay in evacuation.

The first aid kit is contained in a double zip drop leg molle pouch that opens into tri-fold compartments exposing all items for immediate use. The pouch has hook & loop fasteners that allows the main EMT to be pulled away from the base for evacuation with the casualty. Size of pouch is 18 x 11.5 x22cm.

The first aid kit has been constructed to stabilise the following injuries


Breaks both open & closed


Cut K9 pads


Major  bleeds


The First Aid Kit retails at £90 and can be purchased by clicking the link below


A K9 can arterial bleed to death in thirty seconds would you know what to do? 


To compliment the K9 Trauma first aid kits Animals Saving Animals is now running a tactical K9 care course. The aim being to teach operational handlers how to give immediate care to stabilise their K9 until such time as the animal can be evacuated to specialist veterinary care.

How does this course differ from other K9 care courses?

It has recently been identified by agencies using working dogs that when a K9 develops a life threatening condition or injury in the course of its duty a large proportion of handlers were either administering the wrong care or not doing enough. Why?, because the K9 first aid courses were either so in-depth that handlers were causing further complications to a condition through giving the wrong type of treatment or the k9 First aid course wasn't covering injuries/conditions that were relevant to operational dogs i.e. gunshot.


From this information the Tactical Care Course was developed. This course is unique as it only teaches the handler immediate stabilisation of a given condition or injury and the practises needed to prevent the condition from becoming worse until the dog can be evacuated. The course covers the following life threatening conditions/injuries



Snake bite



Heat Exhaustion

Breaks open/closed


Protruding article

CAT A Tourniquet


The course lasts for half a day and can hold a maximum of five students per session. For more information on availability and cost please email Animals Saving Animals below.


Founded in July 2016 'Animals Saving Animals' works along side conservation organisations to assist in the prevention of wildlife crime through providing specialist Anti-Poaching Dogs and handler training to conservancies and national parks throughout the world.


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