Save Valley Conservancy is a wildlife conservation leader in Zimbabwe. The Conservancy spanning an area of some 3400 square kilometres / 340 000 hectares. As a Conservancy Save Valley has placed special emphasis on preserving rare wildlife and its habitats in an effort to guarantee its  survival. When we were approached by Save Valley and asked if we could offer any assistance with the training of a new dog section to compliment the already competent anti poaching patrols, we were only too happy to help.














The Save Valley Anti poaching dog section consists of four ASA dual role-tracker/apprehension dogs split into two operational teams Rogue & Polaris and 'Justice & Shetani'. Since deployment the dogs teams have had tremendous success in their new role as part of the conservancy security strategy. To read about a few of their successes please click on our news page.


In the short film below you will see Bryce Clemence head of the SSPU describing the slaughter of a rhino named 'Maria'. In a recent operation at Save Valley a poaching syndicate was captured attempting to poach rhino on the conservancy. Ballistic  examination showed that one of their rifle's matched that used in the killing of Maria and six other rhino. This syndicate has now been remanded in custody and is facing a sentence of fifteen years.




'Maria' A Mother's Love
Elephant's & Anti-Poaching Dogs
Polaris & Rogue were featured on the BBC1 programme' Inside out' on the 20th March 2018,
See the full episode it two parts below