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Ol Pejeta is one of the largest black rhino sanctuaries in East Africa and home to the last male Northern White Rhino 'Sudan'. Set over 90,000 acres, it's dog section reinforces anti-poaching efforts by protecting wildlife, safeguarding the local community and assisting the work of the KPR and other conservancies.

The Ol Pejeta dogs were originally trained and classified by volunteer Daryll Pleasants our now chief trainer with each specializing in a different area such as:  arms explosives  detection  dogs,  multi- discipline  and  triple role dogs,  assault dogs (that run completely silent for silent for ambush attacks) , infantry patrol dogs and  tracker dogs. The handlers were also trained  in  specialist canine tactics,  kennel management and canine care,  leading to full certification , by us, for each handler at the end of training. We  also  provided  sponsored  K9 equipment for  each  dog  and handler such as collars, leads, tracker lines and harnesses. We have now fully completed this project at Ol Pejeta and are pleased to report that the section continues to help protect not only Ol Pejeta but other surrounding conservancies.

Looking to the future,  most recently ASA deployed an Arms/Ammunition dog 'Drum' to compliment the existing dog section and after the sad passing of Diego due to Bone cancer our latest triple role dog 'Rekari' was deployed in February 2021. See below for photos of Rekari in training.



Dogs and Conservation
Good boy 'Diego'
Trained by Daryll Pleasants A.S.A
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This Wildlife
Ol Pejeta dog unit
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