A.S.A works in conjunction with doggy armour to develop Anti-Poaching vest

Animals Saving Animals is currently working in conjunction with 'Doggy Armour' to develop an Anti-Poaching dog Armoured vest. The new vest contains an internal cooling jacket and weighs only 1.5 kg a fraction of normal dog armour which is just too heavy and hot for the conditions faced by anti-Poaching dogs. The protective side of the vest is able to withstand small arms/Shotgun and is stab/Slash proof also giving protection against Spear & long bow arrow. This is due to the new lightweight material which is stronger and more flexible than Kevlar. It also has a detachable repelling harness and carrying/lifting handle. A.S.A intends to roll this new armour out to all its dog sections.

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Founded in July 2016 'Animals Saving Animals' works along side conservation organisations to assist in the prevention of wildlife crime through providing specialist Anti-Poaching Dogs and handler training to conservancies and national parks throughout the world.


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