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               ' The introduction of ASA's Anti Poaching Dogs has been monumental in the reduction of poaching at Mkomazi National Park.'

                                            Tony Fitzjohn OBE, Wildlife Now

  '                                  We believe the introduction of the Dogs to be a huge force multiplier.'

                             Bryce Clemence H.O.S Save Valley Conservancy

'The dog unit has already had success in responding to attacks, and trained dogs with handlers will be moving into new areas of the northern rangelands this year'

                                                           Fauna & flora Int

  'The addition of these rhino protection dogs to our monitoring teams will greatly improve our ability to keep Botswana's rhino safe'

                                                    Map Ives, RCB Director

                                                    'Meet the dogs helping to protect some of the worlds rarest species'

                                  Chris Packham, Leading Conservationist

ASA featured on channel 5 


Animals Saving Animals was recently featured on channel 5's 'Our new Puppy' series 4 Episode 4. Showing ASA Anti-Poaching puppy 'Savas' undergoing helicopter training with Saxon Air in Norfolk prior to his departure to Botswana. The episode was filmed in 2019, Savas was deployed in July and is doing well in his new Anti-Poaching role.




asa trains maltese customs dogs

In April 2018 Animals Saving Animals were contracted under a European Union funded project to establish and train an eight dog/handler anti-trafficking & detection dog section for the Customs Service in Malta. Four dogs being trained to detect cash/Tobacco and the remaining four to detect Narcotics. They are all passive and were trained in people scanning, Vehicles, Indoor/Outdoor Areas, Baggage and freight.

The training of eight dog teams and an Instructor lasted three months and culminated in June this year with the successful operational pass-out of handlers and dogs. They then went on to undergo further operational training under the watch eye of Border Force and are now operational.



Meet the eye of the storm! Animals Saving Animals is please to introduce 'Rekari' He is a 2 year old Dutch herder and he has just been deployed to Ol Pejeta conservancy, Kenya to fill the huge hole left by the passing of 'Diego' . The decision was taken on the 21st of October to put Diego to sleep after progressive bone Cancer and liver failure. He had faithfully served the conservancy since 2013 and will be missed by all on the anti poaching team. Rekari like Diego is a triple role dog meaning he can track, search and apprehend if required. Follow Rekari on the ASA and the Ol Pejeta FB pages

asa feature in publications




We are pleased to announce that on the 2nd September 2019 Animals Saving Animals was recognised by the Prime Minister's daily Points of Light awards, in recognition of outstanding service to conservation. The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers and people who are making a change in their community. ASA was honoured to have been nominated for this award and has gratefully accepted this on behalf of all who are involved with Animals Saving Animals.

Animals Saving Animals have recently been featured in several animal publications.  These articles highlight the work of ASA and the positive affect anti-poaching dogs are having on wildlife crime in Africa. Read these and many more features on our media page by clicking the link below

ASA in partnership with Earthrace Conservation is pleased to announce the arrival of the first tracker dog to the Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica. In 2019 ASA approached Earthrace offering the assistance of a tracker dog and handler training to help further enhance their current security strategies with the park. The new dog a Belgian Malinois called 'Appa' will have a two fold role. Firstly, to track and if necessary apprehend those committing illegal activities within the park and secondly, in a search and rescue role tasked with locating lost or injured tourists. Appa arrived on the 26th January 2021 and is currently being teamed with his new handlers for 10 days  before he commences his new wildlife protection role.

laikipia nature conservancy 

'drum' features on bbc

asa expands into india

dogtraining-34 (1).jpg

ASA was approached by the Gallmann foundation in 2021 and asked if we could assist with the supply and integration of  a tracker dog to enhance their current security strategies. We are please to announce with the help of the Big Cat Sanctuary in April 2022 we were able to donate a seven month old Bloodhound named 'Raymond'  to the conservancy. Following on from his arrival ASA Chief trainer Daryll Pleasants flew out to Kenya on several occasions to conduct tracker handler training and ASA is pleased to announce 'Raymond is now operational and working as part of the anti-poaching team. Click below for more information.

bbc look east clip_Moment3.jpg

ASA trained Arms/Ammunition detection dog 'Drum' was deployed to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya on the 26th March 2019 where he will be assisting in the prevention of wildlife crime. He has joined triple role dog 'Diego' who was also trained by ASA.

He was recently featured on both the BBC  Newsround and BBC News programmes.
Click on the link below to watch the full report.

Anil and Leon Spying.jpg

Animals Saving returned to India in November 2019 to spent 5 days training the 'Aaranyak' dog units. The units are deployed into Rhino bearing areas of Assam under the direction of the forestry department to assist in the prevention and intervention of wildlife crime. ASA's roll was to bring specialist technical tracking knowledge to the unit teaching a variety of new skills that can be taken into the field to assist enforcement agencies. Read more below.

u.s military working dogs symposium 2024

428041394_410988694768154_2066456079912030892_n (1).jpg

ASA U.K & U.S Master trainer Daryll Pleasants has been asked to attend the Military working dogs symposium 2024 held at the Combat Readiness Centre in Alpena Michigan. ASA will be giving instruction on an introduction to tactical tracking from the 13th to 17th May and the event is open to all military or civilian law enforcement teams.   

'An introduction to combat tracking' is designed to instruct established K9 handler teams in new training methods streamlining their tracking techniques towards an operational tactical role. In addition, showing the advantages and disadvantages of established discipline tracking training methods in an operational deployment.

ASA is very proud to give its support to U.S K9 Military & Law enforcement, please click the link below for more information. 

maltese correctional services


Animals Saving Animals spent four weeks earlier this year with the Maltese correctional services Dog section. Tasked with carrying out handler training for their seven dog teams and certifying the detection role after an intensive course all dog teams successfully passed. ASA recently returned in January to conduct an apprehension handler course and further K9 tactical training.

asa deploys the first anti-poaching dog to BELIZE


Animals Saving Animals in partnership with FCD has successfully trained and deployed the first tracker dog called 'Sara' to work in the Chiquibul National Park, in the Maya Mountains, Belize’s largest protected area. The forest provides critical habitat for countless rare and endangered species, such as the white lipped peccary, tapir, scarlet macaw, howler monkey and five species of cats including the Jaguar. The forest harbour's up to 400 species of birds. However this critical habitat has lost over  40% of its canopy in the last 50 years due to illegal logging, mining and slash and burn agriculture. In addition to this is the growing illegal wildlife trade through poaching, targeting high value species, including Scarlet Macaw chicks and Yellow Headed Parrots. We were recently informed by FCD that after only one week into the 2020 Anti Poaching Strategy one poacher and seven Scarlet Macaw chicks were captured. All seven chicks survived captive rearing and are due to be shortly released back into the wild. 

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