Wild is life is a wildlife sanctuary but also home to Zimbabwe’s only Elephant sanctuary (ZEN) Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery which rescues and rehabilitates orphaned Elephants. It works alongside the Forestry Commission and has now been granted the custodian of the Panda Masuie Forrest (85,000 acres) on a lease of twenty-five years which is both an established Elephant habitat and their primary Re-wilding facility.

Wild is life recently approached ASA to assist them in solving a unique problem, Tracking lost orphaned Elephant. In any any re-wilding program with orphaned Elephant there comes a time when the Elephant must be reintroduced to a herd and with that comes extended periods of time and eventually overnight reintroduction. Within this process is the chance that the herd may abandon or chase off the orphan leaving it exposed to predators. Our proposed answer to this problem is to uniquely tag each baby with a scent pattern that our K9 can track should it become separated ‘Animals Saving Animals’. 'Jack' our latest Belgian Malinois recruit is being trained to track this scent pattern in addition to being trained in the other disciplines he will need to be an effective Anti-Poaching dog.

The Panda Masuie Forrest also faces the constant threat from Armed Ivory poachers cross the border from Zambia and then work their way south poaching all large Elephant. The ivory is then cached, and at a later date moved back across the Zambezi river with porters. Once deployed ASA Jack will play an active role in reducing this illegal trade. Further updates will be published as his training progresses. Jack is sponsored by Acre Events Ltd



Jack at 16 weeks
Agility training
A cheeky smile
First stages of search training
Re-Wilding the Elephants
RIB Training with Jack
Orhan and Handler
Wild is Life
Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery